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Heero: The air here is still circulating and the electricity has not been cut off.

Relena: What’s this room?.

Heero: Life-support system control room. Since this room was not destroyed, this colony is not totally dead yet

Relena: I see, this is the center of the colony, right?

Relena: I wonder where the people of this colony went?

Chris: The survivors were taken to nearby colonies while being watched by the Alliance

Relena: Chris-san?

Chris: That’s what I heard! It’s more than 10 years ago it seems. Ah, the control system still works, right?

Chris: There’s a shuttle approaching. That’s strange. This area is outside the shuttle traffic routes.

Heero: Open the hatch, we’ll take that shuttle in

Relena: Heero

Heero: Don’t worry. It’s them.


New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Blind Target

Episode 4: The Forgotten Tragedy

忘れられた悲劇 )
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Man: Ridiculous! We were all defeated by a mere kid...?!

Wufei: Who are you people?! Why did you attack me?

Man: Because you're...

Wufei: I am what?

Man: ...a Gundam pilot.

Wufei: That makes sense. If you want Nataku, defeat me. But I won't hand Nataku to people who are not righteous. I swear it in my name.

Wufei: It seems what he said is coming true.


A new turmoil in the Earth Sphere is starting to show its signs. Beginning with the explosion at the colony summit, the ESUN's Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian has gone missing. The Gundam pilots started moving in order to know why they were being attacked.


New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

Episode 3: Betrayal and Reunion


第3話:裏切りと再会 )
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Man 1: Look out! Stay back! Hey, how's the situation inside?!
Man 2: It's a sea of fire! No chance of survivors!
Man 1: Even if it's just making a hole in the colony...
Reporter: A bomb caused the explosion of the summit venue. Furthermore, there were no survivors among the colony representatives who attended the summit, and currently, the fire is still being extinguished.
[glass breaking]
Relena: How terrible!
The summit by colony representatives which aimed for ESUN expansion was suddenly interfered by something. It wasn't clear whether the young head of the Winner family, Quatre, who participated in the summit, died in the blast. The unrest that surrounded the Gundam pilots before start to drift again.
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Blind Target

Episode 2: Wriggling Ambition
Ralph: Do you remember those times? We fought with fear in our hearts, not knowing when we're gonna die. But you were different. You carried out your mission as if not feeling anything. I thought there's not a more perfect soldier than you.
Trowa: That's not true. I just lost something important amidst all those fighting.
Ralph: So you're saying it's different now?
Trowa: Yeah. I chose not to live as a soldier, but as a person named Trowa Barton.
Ralph: *laughs* I see. Then you don't need that anymore
Trowa: Ralph?
Ralph: The Gundam... give Heavyarms to us! It should be owned by someone who has retained the will to fight!
Trowa: What?

Cathrine: Trowa! Something terrible happened! He-- Quatre-kun-- Who are you?
Ralph: News travel fast from other colonies these days. Different from the time when we're controlled by the Alliance. No matter what terrible incident happened then, the Alliance would cover it up and it won't reach other colonies.
Trowa: Was it your doing? What are you trying to achieve?
Ralph: Just finishing up things left undone. But it doesn't concern you since you no longer desire to fight.
Cathrine: What are you saying?
Ralph: I'll leave for now. Think about what I said.
Cathrine: Trowa, who is he?
Trowa: An old comrade. Cathrine...
Cathrine: Something's happening again, right? You can't go! You're already part of this circus! Don't go anywhere!
Trowa: I'm sorry. I don't want to involve all of you. But I'll definitely come back, because this is the place I can return to

Cathrine: Trowa...
Chris: Relena-sama, you look pale. Are you okay?
Relena: Yes, I'm okay. Anyway, Chris-san, let's head to the space port at once. I want to go to the colony where the incident happened as soon as possible
Chris: Relena-sama, that incident is not your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself...
Relena: No... when I think of the people involved in the incident... it would have been better if I was there, too
Chris: That's the worst tragedy that will happen! If you were caught up in that incident, that will cause great damage to the ESUN!
Relena: But...
[gunshot, screeching tires]
Chris: What happened?!
Man: You're Relena Darlian, aren't you?! Get out of the car!
Relena: Who are you people?! Why are you doing this?!
Man: Shut up and get out!
Chris: Relena-sama...

Relena: Chris-san, are you all right?

Chris: Yes I am...who are they?
Relena: I don't know but they are armed. Their target must be me
Chris: Stop, Relena-sama!!
Relena: What do you want?! Is it my life?! The Earth Sphere is gearing towards peace. What are you trying to achieve by killing me?
Man: It's not for you to know. We'll have you come with us.

Man: Who is that?!
Heero: Relena, over here!! RUN!!
Relena: Heero?!

Duo: It's me! I'm coming in! How are you doing, Mr. Ghost?
Quatre: That's mean, Duo. I'm still alive.
Duo: Sorry, sorry. It's just that everyone outside thinks that the young master from the Winner Family was caught up and died in the blast.
Quatre: How's the situation?
Duo: It's hopeless. The venue was completely engulfed in flames. No survivors.
Quatre: I see...
Duo: But man, I was shocked! I also thought you were inside that building. 
Quatre: It was pure luck. We were a little late because of car problems. Had we arrived a split second earlier, I'd certainly be killed as well.
Duo: You got the Devil's Luck. Comes with being a Gundam pilot. But is it okay not to inform your family that you're okay?
Quatre: Yeah. It's easier to move if I'm declared dead. I can't let other people take care of this.
Duo: You're right. Just when it finally became peaceful, somebody stirs up trouble again.
Quatre: What I don't get is their intention. Is it because I'm a colony representative or because I'm the Winner Family's heir?
Duo: Maybe it's because you're a Gundam pilot.
Quatre: Eh?
Duo: There were some guys hanging around my shuttle back at the space port. It seems I'm also a target. Oh well, we'll figure it out after we talked with him
Quatre: Duo?
Duo: We've got an appointment with that rather uncommon individual. We can't use my shuttle but, hey, there are ways.
Heero: Hurry up! We'll reach the emergency hatch if we pass this way
Relena: Wait, Heero! Chris-san is...
Chris: I'm okay. My arm only hurts a little. But where are we going? And who's he?
Relena: Someone we can trust. We're safe with him.
Heero: We're getting out of this colony. The plan is to take you somewhere they can't reach you.
Relena: Who are they? Why are they targeting me?
Heero: You're not their only target. Me, as well.
Relena: What?
Man 1: I know. No need to worry
Man 2: But don't forget that our reputation is at stake in this plan. Proceed with utmost caution. We're going against those Gundams after all.
Man 1: Haha... are you afraid?
Man 2: Of course I am! I have seen their destructive power in that war enough for me to detest it!
Man 1: That's why we want the Gundams. Leave it to me. I won't fail. They're already within my reach.
Man 2: I-I see...I'm counting on you.
Man 1: I'll definitely get them. Whoever has the Gundam can move the next era
Those whose faces are yet to be known are wriggling in the darkness. And the Gundam pilots throw themselves again into a new battle to oppose them.
For the sake of their futures.
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Gundam Wing Blind Target Radio Drama

[typing sound]
Heero: Data purge, completed. Energy cut. Core system, deadlocked
Heero: Wing Zero, you're no longer needed in this era
Heero: Nobody will disturb you, sleep well.
[sound of door closing]

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Blind Target
プロローグ )
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Soldier: Damn...
Soldier: the MDs number doesn't decrease....
Soldier: Damn Romefeller! 
Soldier: They've sent in additional troops!
Soldier: Don't give up! 
Soldier: The outcome doesn't matter!
Soldier: What's important is to keep fighting!
Soldier: High-speed object approaching from 6 o'clock---! More troops?!
Chapter 56: A transient peace, glass kingdom
Soldier: Tha-that's..
Soldier: A Gundam?!
Soldier: An unregistered suit not in our data!
Heero: Why....
Heero: Why do I keep on fighting?!

Treize: How about accepting your own fate?
Heero: My battle....
Treize: In that sense, Relena Peacecraft is much stronger than you
Heero: The enemy I have to fight....
Heero: As I thought, they're the same.... this Zero....
Heero: ....I'll destroy everything....
Heero: Those who fight
Heero: All of them are my enemies!!
---0206 Colony---
Wufei: Meilan
Wufei: I couldn't find my own justice
Master Long: Do you want power, Wufei?
Wufei: Master Long
Master Long: Power is in the mind
Master Long: And the mind is a battle against oneself


Master Long: Unless you win against yourself
Master Long: your justice won't be determined

Master Long: The completed Altron is strong
Master Long: But to obtain that power, a strong heart is necessary

Master Long: Fighting is not all about resisting
Master Long: Following your fate and accepting your own destruction are part of a battle


Wufei, what is justice to you?

Believing in yourself
Not lying to yourself
Not betraying yourself
That's justice
Wufei: ....
Wufei: Master Long... I have to win!
Wufei: My enemies are the evils in space!!
Master Long: Then don't waver!!

Soldier: This is Tinman Bravo, we're on location
Soldier: This is Alpha
Soldier: Roger
Soldier: We'll commence attack in formation twister
Soldier: Tinman Charlie
Soldier: Roger
Soldier: Commanding the MD unit to attack!
Master Long: You don't defeat evil---
Master Long: Those you defeat---
Master Long: are the evil ones!
Master Long: Decide your own justice!

Soldier: The invading unit will destroy the gate and proceed to position to attack at once
Soldier: No, wait!
Soldier: The gate...
Soldier: ?!
Soldier: MD 01, signal lost!
Soldier: 03, 04 also lost!
Soldier: But there was no reaction in our radar
Soldier: This attack---
Soldier: A GUNDAM----!!!
-to be continued-

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Zechs: Zechs Merquise...

Zechs: Wing Gundam Zero

Zechs: Take off!


Howard: A perfect soldier like yourself should be able to avoid being tricked by that detestable machine

Howard: I pray that the path you chose is the right one, Zechs


Chapter 55: Mebius Chain - Epyon Part IV

(GOL 55) )
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A super duper late post for Relena's birthday D:


chunks of metal )


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Chapter 54: Mebius Chain - Epyon Part III


Dorothy: Nice to meet you, Heero Yuy
Dorothy: Will you allow my sudden intrusion?
(GOL 54) )

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Chapter 53: Mebius chain - Epyon - Part II

Relena: Please, Pagan

Pagan: Right away

P: Please excuse me

R: Heero....


R: Onii-sama....

GOL 53 )

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This is from volume 10 and is told from Heero's point of view. It's somehow a summary of what transpired in the previous chapters at the present timeline (which is MC 0022).

Needless to say, this contains spoilers so I guess you can read at your own risk (but then again.....).

Dissonance of Oblivion

Life is cheap, especially mine )


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Note: changing Sanc to Cinq in my translation

Chapter 52: Mebius chain - Epyon

Can Milliardo protect Cinq Kingdom and the smile of his beloved sister?

GOL 52 )

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A soul wanders on the streets of a colony...

Cathrine: ?!
C: You are...

C: Trowa! It's you, right?!

C: It's me! Cathrine!
C: Get a grip, Trowa!

Trowa: ...Tro...wa...?

C: ...Trowa...


Heero returned to Earth

And the path he chose is?

Chapter 51: Mebius chain - Glass Kingdom

GOL 51 )
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Glory of Losers Chapter 50

AC 182 Sanc Kingdom Capital


Darlian: Your Majesty!

Peacecraft: Forget about me, Darlian!
Peacecraft: Take care of Relena!


Darlian: But Your Majesty!

Peacecraft: Enough!
Peacecraft: Pagan, take him out at once!

Pagan: Darlian-dono, please hurry!

Darlian: Your Majesty....

Peacecraft: Farewell...
Peacecraft: Relena...Milliardo...


Chapter 50: Mebius chain -- Spear and Shield

GOL 50 )

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D: Man, that was a close call!


Trant: Curse you, Gundam...!


Chapter 49: The Inverted Death - Approaching from faraway

GOL 49 )

<to be continued>

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Chapter 48

Trant who's absorbed with the ZERO system chases after Duo!

GOL 48 )

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by Happy World

Heero x Relena doujinshi

Scans can be found here

Adult content (though I believe more than half of the fandom are adults now? ^^) Lots of panting and heavy breathing on the latter part, lol (which some I didn't dare...to put into words)


Let's drown in our desires )


Happy Valentine's Day!

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At the same time when Heero and Quatre's shuttle arrived on Earth, at an OZ's base...


Chapter 47: The Inverted Death --- Dignity


GOL 47 )

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Hmmm... a different take on how Duo and Hilde met


[Who's the brat in jail?]

[Don't you know? He's a survivor from that Maxwell Church]

[The only one who escaped death]

[Hee... did he bargain with the God of Death?]

[Haha...maybe he did]

The God of Death Duo recollects the memories of his young days

GOL 46 )

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Finally started Glory of Losers \o/

Chapters 1-44 (translated by Zeonic) are available, so I'm going to translate chapters 45 and up *for now*.

The raws I have don't have any page numbers @_@ So I use "----" to indicate it's the next page.


GOL 45 )


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